Veteran of the Year

Each year on Veterans Day (Nov. 11), the El Dorado County Veterans Monument awards “Veteran of the Year” to a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces who has exemplified service and sacrifice.

Criteria for nomination are as follows:

  • Nominees must have served in the U.S. Armed Forces (including National Guard and Merchant Marine services) and have received an honorable discharge.
  • Criteria for judgement of the award include, but are not limited to:
    • Name of nominee (required)
    • Contact information of person submitting the nomination (name, organization, phone, email)
    • Contact information for nominee (phone/email/town of residence – Required)
    • A description of military service (must be honorable), including branch of service, periods of service, war service, rank and any commendations (if known). Sacrifices made or valor given during military service should be noted, but are not required for this award. (It is helpful to submit a copy of the veteran’s DD214)
    • Continuing service to his/her community, the county, state or nation.
    • A description (100 words) of why the nominee is deserving of recognition as Veteran of the Year (required)

Please email responses to

Nominations must be received not later than 1700 hrs on Oct. 15.

Any person may nominate a candidate for this award, though all veterans organizations within the county are invited and encouraged to nominate persons to be considered for this honor.

The person selected to receive this honor will be recognized at Veterans Day ceremonies at the El Dorado County Veterans Monument.

Selection of the El Dorado County Veteran of the Year is made by Friends of the Veterans Monument (aka El Dorado County Veterans Alliance). Persons interested in participating in this process should email